In an increasingly cashless society it is becoming essential for businesses to have the ability to accept card payments. Doing so will result in fewer lost sales as well as having additional benefits such as faster transactions and more impulse purchases. It can also help create a more professional impression of your business to customers.

But while you might be armed with all that knowledge and ready to go, many business owners are unsure of where to start and the default for many is to approach their bank before exploring alternative options.

Our goal is to make the process of accepting card payments as easy as possible and to that end there are several reasons why we believe you should talk to us first.

The personal touch

Most banks can’t offer a personalised service to every customer, but you can rest assured you’ll never be “just a number” when you join us. Unlike banks that operate generic support teams, our team of dedicated relationship managers will quickly get to grips with your specific business needs and be able to work towards a tailored solution that suits your unique business requirements.

You’ll have peace of mind that your relationship manager is on hand to provide support and assistance wherever it’s needed. They can proactively assess your business success and offer suggestions to improve performance including complimentary Live group products that could help achieve your business goals.

Qantas Points

You’ll be able to tap into our partnership with the Qantas Business Rewards programme with your Live eftpos device. No bank offers business owners a payment solution which offers the opportunity to earn uncapped Qantas Points redeemable on flights, flight upgrades and a range of products you could use for your business.

One Payments Provider

There are many reasons why customers want to choose a specific payment type, whether it’s the added convenience and security of Apple Pay and Google Pay or the reward points and purchase insurances offered by various credit card providers. It’s also entirely possible you could lose a sale or two by refusing to accept a specific payment type.

Unlike a bank, we enable your business to accept over 11 different types of payment, without the headache of dealing with multiple providers. We will be your single point of contact should a customer query a transaction or raise a chargeback for any payment type. All transactions are settled at the same time and our comprehensive reporting will provide a detailed breakdown of each transaction type.

Minimal fees

Many banks have an exit fee and other hidden fees such as set up costs and an annual fee. Its not uncommon for a bank to apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach with fixed monthly rental fees and transaction processing fees – irrespective of your turnover.

All Live eftpos plans have no exit fees, annual fee, or set up costs while our rental fees and processing fees are based on your business’ transaction volume and other individual factors.

Simple pricing

With a bank, the amount you’re going to pay for each transaction can be unpredictable and tricky to understand.

The interchange fee, which is paid to your customers’ card issuing bank to cover the risks of approving a payment, varies between credit brands (such as Visa® and Mastercard®) and is also determined by things like region and entry method. Most banks then use a complex pricing model called Interchange Plus to apply a fixed mark-up to each interchange fee.

Live eftpos plans use a blended pricing structure, which means you’ll pay a flat percentage rate for every transaction. We consider a range of individual factors to determine a rate that’s competitive and fair for your business, which will help remove the guess work and ultimately work to your business’ advantage. These might include your existing interchange fees or merchant fees, business type, transaction volume, and occasionally your business’ location.

No lock-in contracts

We understand that business owners needs can change very quickly which is why we won’t apply an exit fee if you decide at any time your payment solution is no longer right for you. On the other hand, many banks are likely to ask you to sign up for a minimum contract period before receiving your EFTPOS device.

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