In March of last year we started discussions with Zip about a potential partnership with Live eftpos.

If you haven’t heard of Zip Pay, Zip Money or simply ‘Zip’, it is an innovative ‘buy now, pay later’ payment solution that has several benefits to business owners. The key benefits include increased average transaction sizes and improved total sales volume achieved through an enhanced consumer retail experience.

Our aim was to integrate this fast growing and popular payment type into our devices, so our members could offer it to their customers who were already using Zip. By doing so we’re able to offer Zip as a payment option through a standalone EFTPOS device.

Zip is growing quickly with an increasingly large number of consumers using the platform. To give you some context, Zip is now valued at over $1 billion and have almost 1.5 million Australians using their ‘buy now, pay later’ platform! With this in mind, your business has a unique opportunity to tap into that growth and ultimately sell more.

The key benefits to your business

By offering Zip business owners have the ability to offer a flexible, transparent and interest-free payment service. Your customers will feel empowered to make additional purchasing decisions and businesses that currently accept Zip have seen a 30%+ increase in sales volume.

They’ll also be far more likely to return and buy something from you again in the near future. Businesses accepting Zip are experiencing an 80% repurchase rate and an overall uplift in customer loyalty.

There is also a ‘Zip Stores Page’ listing all the businesses in Australia that accept Zip. The page currently has over 800,000 views per week and is a top 5 online traffic referrer for the majority of businesses accepting Zip.

Simple, transparent pricing

Some of the more common questions we receive are; how much will it cost me? Or; how long will it take to receive payment for Zip transactions?

Zip transactions are settled daily into your bank account. There are no setup fees, no minimum transaction size and no lock-in contracts. Just one simple fee per transaction. Once the transaction is approved, you are guaranteed payment.

Getting started

To start accepting Zip, simply register your interest with us and one of our Relationship Managers will be in touch.

The Integration process is simple, and your device can be ready to accept Zip payments within 1-3 business days!

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