In today’s almost cashless society, accepting card payments is a necessity for most businesses – large and small; this is why we’ve focussed on delivering a payment solution that offers SMEs a range of payment options to suit their customers’ needs, without charging the earth.

But with so much sensitive data being gathered and transferred across the digital ether – every single day – all business owners have a responsibility to protect their customers from potential data breaches and theft. In fact, all Australian businesses that accept card payments must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) which governs things like how you take a payment online and through a card device.

The good news is, by being PCI-DSS compliant, you’re reassuring customers that their card details are safe and secure when they make a payment which also means they’re more likely to place trust in your business and help you build a positive reputation.

To help you meet your safety and security obligations, all our Live eftpos devices are PCI-DSS compliant and are certified by the Australian Payments Clearing Association. Most importantly, here are some of the top security features we offer to keep your customers’ payment data safe.

End-to-end encryption

When your customer presents their card to your Live eftpos device, the device will send your customer’s payment information over the network to check they have the funds. Encryption means card holder information is scrambled before it leaves the terminal and throughout the “in-flight” authorisation process, so it can’t be intercepted and misused.

Tokenising card data

Tokenisation provides an added layer of security because instead of decrypting customers’ bank details after they’ve been transferred, it replaces them with a new code (token). This token can then pass through the network to process transactions without the real bank details ever being exposed.

Remote key injection

Your Live eftpos device, however, allows for remote key injection which means your encryption key can be securely injected wherever your device is located. With remote injection capability, your business experiences minimum disruption in the event of a suspected security breach and can respond quickly to changing compliance standards.

Accepting card payments safely and securely sounds complicated, and that’s probably because it is behind the scenes. But when it comes to meeting those important compliance obligations, our Live eftpos device will do a lot of the hard work and thinking for you.