Smarter customer service

Accept purchases, offer cash out and print receipts at the table. Increase business efficiency by saving time at the checkout for both you and your customers.

Faster, flexible & functional

The integrated device supports PC-EFTPOS IP Gateway and features a built-in contactless reader with a large colour touch screen and large keys.

Improved portability

The integrated device is lightweight and utilises 3G/GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity to remain integrated to your POS system at all times.

Easy integration

Integrate with your POS system allowing for easy transactions, stock management and account reconciliation.

Multiple plans

Live eftpos integrated devices can be used with both Live eftpos and Live eftpos black plans.Speak to one of our dedicated relationship managers to see which plan is best for you.

Earn Qantas Points through your EFTPOS device

Uncapped Qantas Points earning potential

Live eftpos partners with Verifone Field Services, who manage the integration of your point-of-sale (POS) system with your Live eftpos device.

The installation process includes a one-off fee of $99 that covers complete setup and configuration as well as on-site training for using your new integrated device.

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Support documents

Live eftpos integrated Quick Reference Guide

Live eftpos integrated User Guide