Zip is a ‘buy now, pay later’ payment solution that can easily be added as a payment method to your Live eftpos terminal. By offering Zip to your clients, they’ll have the opportunity to make flexible repayments towards their veterinary bills with no upfront fees or interest to pay. Meanwhile, your practice will still receive funds daily into your bank account.

How can Zip help pet owners?

Veterinary treatment can be costly for some pet owners and, unfortunately, not everyone can access insurance cover by reason of their pet’s age, breed or policy exclusions.

Rebecca Porter, Hospital Floor Manager at Manly Road Veterinary Hospital, introduced Zip to their practice after realising the payment solution could help more people access the best treatment options for their pets without delay.

“The hospital has found Zip to be a really good option for pet owners who are working and who have a regular income every fortnight but who might not necessarily be prepared for the unexpected cost of treatment.”

Rebecca says, “Some dogs are excluded by insurance companies even as puppies because of their breed.”

She also says clients often choose to use Zip for their pet’s dental problems, with the costs of treating a 12-year-old dog with Periodontal disease anywhere between $500-$1500.

Zip also helps people with emergencies such as acute illnesses and unforeseen accidents because they’re not faced with the dreaded decision of denying treatment or putting a pet down.

Speaking of one client, Rebecca says, “They were able to sign up with Zip and they got approval very fast (the same day). We were then able to continue on with the treatment for the dog and get it done really quickly.”

What does Zip do for your business?

Offering Zip on your Live eftpos device means your practice can present all treatment options to clients without having to wear the risks or hassle of alternative payment plans. So, it can help your client’s pets achieve better health outcomes while boosting revenue.

“There’s a high approval rate,” says Rebecca.

“The clients are happy with it, we’re happy with it and our accounts department are VERY happy with it because we get paid so quickly.”

It’s also easy to make clients aware that you offer Zip through signs, brochures and business cards. You’ll also have peace of mind you’re offering a responsible lending solution that even allows you to choose the length of your clients’ interest-free period.

To start accepting Zip, simply register your interest with us and one of our Relationship Managers will be in touch.

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