Zip is a ‘buy now, pay later’ payment solution that can easily be added as a payment method to your Live eftpos terminal. By offering Zip to your patients, they’ll have the opportunity to make flexible repayments towards their dental treatment with no upfront fees or interest to pay on the charges – unlike a credit card. Meanwhile, your practice will still receive funds daily into your bank account.

Unsurprisingly, this win-win payment solution already has 1.5 million users while over 45,000 Australian businesses are offering the method.

How can it help your patients?

For some patients, a lack of finance can be a barrier to receiving the dental treatment they really need. Despite this, most patients know that ignoring treatment often leads to worsening issues and more expensive treatments, so they’ll often find a way to pay. The problem is, sourcing funds from home loans, paying with credit cards or even unlocking superannuation are complicated and costly ways to fund treatment.

Nicolette, Practice Manager at Diamond Dental Care in Lawnton Queensland, says they use Zip to ensure their patients are financially able to receive the treatments they need to maintain their dental health.

Nicolette recalls a situation where a patient had been wanting cosmetic work for as long as they could remember but couldn’t meet the costs of the procedure:
“Zip enabled them to sign up on the spot and receive an approval within 10 minutes! The patient was able to be looked after within 24 hours.”

Benefits of Zip for your dental practice

Zip is easy to implement, and it can lead to greater patient acceptance, increased cash flow and improved productivity. At Diamond Dental Care, once the proposed treatment plan is accepted in the surgery, costs and payment options are discussed with patients.

“Sometimes, it is a challenge for some patients to consider spending money on their health, but Zip has been able to provide a steppingstone to case acceptance,” says Nicolette.

“Receiving a full payment upfront was a major factor in the practice deciding to proceed with Zip. For us, it is far better than pay-as-you-go instalments, which can dramatically affect the cash flow.”

For Diamond Dental Centre, the process of accepting Zip was simple and fast. Nicolette comments that it has resulted in noticeable improvements within their practice while patients also find it convenient and easy to sign up and use.

To start accepting Zip, simply register your interest with us and one of our Relationship Managers will be in touch.

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