If your business is dealing with a lot of customers, it’s essential that your EFTPOS device has a long-lasting battery. The good news is that all Live eftpos devices have a long-lasting battery life and will get you through your working day before needing a recharge if utilised with power saving mode.

However, there will often be times when you’ll use your device more than usual, be out of reach of a power point and need to be able to charge on the go.

Apply to all devices

Live eftpos Power Banks can be used on many devices including smartphone, tablet, PC, PSP and digital camera. They come with built in adapters for charging both iPhones and Samsung phones and include a Micro5Pin cable, data line and USB adapter.

Charge times

Keeping a Live eftpos Power Bank with you will increase the battery life of your device by 3.2 times. You’ll have less need for full recharges and peace of mind that you’re not going to run out of battery and miss out on crucial transactions. You should be able to get roughly a week a weeks’ worth of battery from one Power Bank charge.

Charge times by device:

  • Live eftpos device – 3.2 times
  • iPhone 6 – 4.7 times
  • Huawei P7 – 2.8 times
  • GALAXY S5 – 2.5 times
  • iPad mini – 1.6 times

RCM certified

The Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) process set out the compliance requirements for electronic and electrical equipment. Any battery power bank that is supplied in Australia must be labelled with the RCM Mark. You can rest assured that our power banks are approved and meet the necessary standards.

Free shipping

Make your order before 3pm and you will receive your Live eftpos Power Bank the following day – free of charge.


Capacity: 10000mAh
Battery: China brand Class A polymer
Input: DC5V-2A Output: DC5V-2A
Material: ABS+PU surface
Built-in iPhone 6 adapter & Micro cable


  1. Thickness: 14.3mm
  2. Four LED indicator
  3. Built-in adapter for iPhone 6
  4. Built-in micro 5-pin cable
  5. PU leather surface

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