eCommerce - release notes

02 March 2022

Live eftpos for WooCommerce Plugin update

  • Bug fixes to address a timeout issue
  • Support for the latest version of WordPress (5.9.1)

05 May 2021

Live group Portal 1.0.5

  • Minor bug fixes

30 March 2021

Live group Portal 1.0.4

  • End of month report bug fixes
  • Updated portal registration process for a better user experience

24 February 2021

Live group Portal 1.0.3

  • Updates to the Live eftpos end of month report, including a new summary section, incorporating multiple products, their transaction volume, pricing and payment summaries

20 January 2021

Live group Portal 1.0.2

  • Update to the password reset confirmation page
  • Update to maintenance pages
  • Enhancement to ensure order number and company name now visible on the Transaction Details view
  • Integration with Accertify fraud monitoring
  • Minor portal fixes and improvements

18 November 2020

Live group Portal 1.0.1

  • New Settings page introduced, providing a solid foundation to add additional settings for future products.
  • Option to select which cards to accept via the Settings page
  • Option to enable/disable surcharging for accepted payment methods via the Settings page
  • Ability to see chargebacks, reversals and quarantined transactions via the Transactions page
  • Enhancement to ensure the change password form displays correctly on tablets
  • Update to Password reset and Create password email templates. Update includes a fix to reset/create password + template formatting issues
  • Various portal UX improvements