Thanks for upgrading to eso 2.0!

Thanks for upgrading to eso 2.0!

Switching SIM cards is easy, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

Make sure your terminal has performed a settlement.

  • (Press the Shift button on the right hand side, followed by the Green Enter key).
  • The settlement receipt should print a batch status of “Uploaded”.
  • If it hasn’t, please log back into your device and perform a manual settlement again.

Step 2

Turn off the terminal and remove the back cover.

  • (Using a screwdriver, small coin or key is easiest!)
  • Move the battery out of the way but don’t unplug it

Step 3

Remove old SIM and insert new eso 2.0 SIM.

  • (Make sure SIM goes in the right way!)

Step 4

Place the battery back in, replace cover and screw it in.

Step 5

Hold down the Green Enter key to turn your terminal on.

  • Press Menu
  • Press Term
  • Press Support
  • Enter password 767833
  • Press the Green Enter key
  • Press EFTPOS

Step 6

  • Enter function number “93”
  • Press Green Enter key
  • Press Green Enter key again to confirm download

Download will take approx. 5 minutes. Once completed, the terminal we reboot back to the main screen.

Once restarted, simply login and commence transacting! eso. Is so. Easy.