Have you noticed Zip is appearing as a payment option in more places? That’s probably because the ‘buy now, pay later’ platform has gathered over 1.3 million users since the new payment method hit the market five years ago.

Zip has quickly become one of Australia’s leading payment solutions, giving businesses access to a whole new market of consumers looking for a more convenient way to pay.

Zip allows your customers to spend money more conveniently

It’s possible for people to budget for things like bills and other living expenses, but we all know life can sometimes be more spontaneous when it comes to spending money. If your business sells products or services that are often purchased by impulse or out of necessity, Zip could really help you out.

By accepting Zip payments, you’re giving your customers the freedom to purchase when the timing is right, not when their bank balance says they can. Your customers can take advantage of a great deal or pick up the things they need and pay later, interest free. This has lead to an increase in the number of consumers preferring it is a payment method over a traditional credit card.

There’s proof that it will help you sell more

Statistics show that accepting Zip could be a real boost to your revenue. On average, businesses who offer it as a payment method experience an increase in sales of up to 30%1, while return customer rates can be as high as 80%2.

The good news is, Live eftpos is one of Australia’s first payment solutions to integrate directly, which means we can get your POS terminals ready to accept Zip payments overnight. We’re also able to settle all payments into your account daily.

What kind of industries are enjoying the benefits of Zip?


There are plenty of reasons why your customers use Zip, including the need to quickly replace an appliance, preparing a home for sale, or buying a new laptop in time for studies.


Zip is already proving popular for many businesses that offer services across categories like auto services, gardening, plumbing, flower services, photography, and many more.


Everyone needs a bit of R&R from time to time. Zip is an ideal way to pay for travel-related products such as accommodation, transport and events.


From optometry and dental, to fertility and vet bills, offer your customers a flexible payment solution when life won’t wait.

1,2: Zip: Easier payments, better results

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