Do not fret when your customer presents their Samsung mobile phone to make contactless mobile payment on your Live eftpos device. Samsung Pay is compatible with all our Live eftpos devices.

Samsung Pay is a new, convenient, secure and easy way to make mobile payments. Your customers can now leave their wallets at home!

Did you know…?

Samsung Pay uses the feature, Near Field Communication (NFC) to make secure contactless mobile payments. Samsung Pay does not share or store any credit card or payment details making it secure, quick and easy for you and your customers. Not to mention there are many layers of security incorporated to ensure your customers’ credit card information stays secure.

How to use Samsung Pay on our Live eftpos device:

1. Simply launch Samsung Pay app on user’s Samsung mobile phone

2. Authenticate with user’s fingerprint

3. Hover over our Live eftpos device to make a payment

And…voilà, another successful payment made!