monthly payment report

At Live eftpos we’re always trying to improve and evolve our products and services. This has recently extended to our monthly payment reports which incorporate several new features aimed at making it easier for you to find the essential information you need to know.

Qantas Business Rewards 

For Live eftpos black customers, your Qantas Business Rewards membership information (such as rewards number and membership type) is now included along with a detailed activity report.

You’ll clearly see the total number of Qantas Points you’ve earned through Qantas Business Rewards which will ideally give you a better idea of when your next holiday might be! The report page is a lot cleaner and simpler and we’ve also provided you with a detailed breakdown of how your points were earned i.e. bonus points or points you’ve earned through transacting.

It’s important to remember that your points will be credited to your Qantas Business Rewards account within 60 days of receiving your monthly payment report, so you won’t have access to them immediately.

Simpler Cost of Acceptance figures

Each report now has a page highlighting your cost of acceptance for the month. We’ve broken down your cost of acceptance figures by card type, and within each card type you’ll be able to see your net sales figure, the fees you paid and the average cost of acceptance on that card type.

Updated Payment summary information

On the Payment summary page, we’ve added in a brand new ‘status’ column which highlights whether a payment (or charge) has bounced back or been accepted. This will hopefully increase your peace of mind about when you’re getting paid and who you need to chase up.