3.0 is the latest update to our Live eftpos device operating systems and it incorporates some exciting new features that have been in the development pipeline since our last release.

Over the past couple of years we have taken a proactive approach to collecting customer feedback, so that we can ensure all updates accurately reflect what our customers are looking for in their device.

Improved support directly from your device

One of the key requests to come out of these conversations was a need for additional functionality directly from the device itself.

With that in mind, 3.0 incorporates a new ‘Account’ screen that aims to streamline all device related activities into one central location within your device.

Once updated with 3.0, you will notice that you can now order paper rolls and request customer support call back from within the ‘Account’ screen. You’ll no longer have to break away from what you’re doing or look for our phone number – these actions can be performed with the simple press of a button, creating a more seamless experience for all your device related activities.

Additional functionality in the near future

These updates are just the beginning, and future releases will add several new functions to the Account screen.

Some of the more exciting updates include a new ‘mailbox’ function, where we can send you direct messages including product updates and promotional information. This should ideally result in less reliance on email and phone communication. You will also have the option to update your businesses payment settings (such as settlement time and surcharge amount) directly from your device.

These new functions are all centered around valuable customer feedback and we will continue to liaise with you as we build them out in the coming months.

We understand that small business owners and their staff are extremely busy and want a seamless experience when it comes to accepting payments, so you can be certain that any new features will always be designed with you in mind!

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